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DREAM Suite is secured against unauthorized use by a hardware key (USB dongle - HASP) or software activation. The method of protection can be selected at the time of purchase of a user license. Both methods have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Hardware key

The hardware key is very simple to use and you can easily move the authorization from one computer to another one. You just need to insert this USB device into your computer and DREAM Suite will find it automatically. A problem may occur if the hardware key is lost, which can mean the loss of the license.

Software activation

The program activation is a process by which the authorization of DREAM Suite is based on a unique numerical code, generated for a particular computer and for one-time use. The code is tied to the hardware configuration, i.e. it cannot be used on another computer, or reused on the same computer if the authorization is lost for some reason. Each activation is time-limited (even if you have a permanent license) and must be prolonged before (or after) its expiration. The time-limited activation was introduced to prevent unwanted consequences resulting from computer crashes and similar hardware problems that require a new activation of DREAM Suite without its prior deactivation. The program can be deactivated manually and the license transferred to another computer.

Verifying authorization

Authorization is verified when starting the program. If any failure occurs, a warning is displayed that the program is running in a demo mode, in which DREAM Suite is not fully functional, i.e. it is not possible to run the calculation.

DREAM Suite authorization dialog

Dialog with the authorization information and for the activation/deactivation of the program may be accessed from the main menu - Help - DREAM Suite License.

Figure 2.4.1. Authorization status.