about simple Nitrate balance in Hydrus 2d project

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Ganga Ram
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about simple Nitrate balance in Hydrus 2d project

Post by Ganga Ram » Mon Jan 21, 2019 5:15 pm

Dear all Hydrus users,
I am interested to know the simple nitrogen balance from my Hydrus project (related to sub-surface drip irrigation+fertigation) as in the form of
Total amount of nitrate (ie total mmol going to the simulation domain) = Total nitrate (mmol) at end of simulation + Total nitrate taken up by plant +Total nitrate leaving the simulation domain (mmol leahing)
Nitrate input = Nitrate remain in soil + Total Nuptake + Total Nitrate leaching (leaving from domain)
As input we assume nitrate concentration of 0.03 mmol cm-3 which is consider as input to the simulation domain from day 2 until day 92 (end of simulation day)
The daily water flux is about 7.234 cm day-1 estimated based on emitter discharge of 1 lit hr-1 that runs 1 hr per day from day 2 unitl day 92. Emitter radius 1.1 cm and 20 cm as distance between drippers.
In short i am interested to get similar output in the tabular from as in work doc (table 3 which is based on V.Ravikumar et al, 2011)
I have attached you the word doc with input time dependent boundary condition and my hydrus project. Let now which output files are relevant to estimate the nitrate balce of my project.
I hope for your reply besides your busy schedule.
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Sincerely yours
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Re: about simple Nitrate balance in Hydrus 2d project

Post by Jirka » Tue Jan 29, 2019 9:03 am

Solute mass balance information is given in output files Solute.out and Balance.out. The Balance.out file has information about the solute mass in the domain, and the solute.out fileabout all boundary fluxes, as well as root solute uptake and reaction fluxes. If you use all this information, you should be able to calculate the mass balance, as well as the mass balance error, also given in the Balance.out file. J.

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