change pH in 2 metals transport in column

The HP1 code incorporates modules simulating
(1) transient water flow in variably-saturated media,
(2) transport of multiple components, and
(3) mixed equilibrium/kinetic geochemical reactions.
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change pH in 2 metals transport in column

Post by Srilert » Thu Aug 30, 2007 8:46 am

Dear Sir,
I ever use HYDRUS 2D but I know that hydrus cannot perform if pH change. I just want to know HP1 or PHREEQC can solve my problem.

My column experiment:
1.Manganese(Mn) sorbed onto soil in column pH 5, THEN
2.Flush with lead(Pb) into column
3.when influent concentration=effluent concentration, change pH from 5 to 4

Anyone advice me this problems.
best regards,

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Post by diederik » Thu Aug 30, 2007 8:51 am


from the concise description of your experiment, I think it is possible to simulate this with phreeqc (if mainly steady-state flow conditions prevail, and the average solute transport velocity is rather constant through the soil/column) or HP1. For HP1, it depends which kind of surface complexation model you want to used to model the adsorption.

Most probable you can start in phreeqc (to set up the chemical part of the problem), and then, if needed go to HP1 (version 2.0 which will be released in the near future),


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