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link between two-region and two-site model

Posted: Mon Oct 24, 2022 8:07 am
by thotran11292
Dear all,

My study is about the transport of As(V) through the vadose zone.

I conducted the tracer test (with Cl-) and found that the two-region physical nonequilibrium model fitted well. Normally people used the equilibrium model for the tracer test and then use fitted v and D for modeling reactive contaminants. Do you have any idea or suggestion that I can use the fitted value from the two-region physical nonequilibrium model of the tracer test for modeling reactive contaminant? Here in my case, the reactive contaminant is As(V), and I plan to use a two-site chemical nonequilibrium model.

I am looking forwards to hear from you.

Best regards

Tho Tran