Graphic Results of CXTFIT Examples

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Graphic Results of CXTFIT Examples

Post by Roshan » Fri Apr 19, 2013 6:23 pm

I want to use cxtfit to to do some inverse simulattion work, so as to get fitted parameters with mesured date. I learn the example in this model at first, which named FIG79B in the inverse workspace.The Deterministic nonequilibrium CDE , two-region physic nonequilibrium model is used, but i really can not undestand the results of graphic output, the results show the flux concentration in Equil.Phase with measured data and flux concentration in Nonequil.Phase without measured data, i am confused that why there are two kind of results, because the Nonequlibrium equation is used;and which graph is the final result of Nonequlibrium model.Beg for your help,Thanks a lot!
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