3DADE Output Parameter Increment For Single Instance

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3DADE Output Parameter Increment For Single Instance

Post by cmclane » Fri Feb 22, 2013 10:24 pm

Just began using STANMOD and it looks like it will be a great tool! But I have a question.

For 3DADE output parameter control the STANMOD Help System says the following:
"User specifies for which position and for what time concentrations are to be calculated. This is done by specifying for each coordinate (t, x, y (r), and z) the smallest value, the increment and the maximum value."

How does the user specify a single output instance? For example, how do we tell STANMOD to calculate 3DADE model concentrations on an X-Y plane at a single Z depth?

My guess (from looking at an example problem) is that you set the increment value to 0 (zero). Then it does not seem to matter what value you specify for the maximum, because STANMOD takes the minimum value as the depth for calculating the X-Y concentration field.

Am I understanding this correctly or is there another output setting or better way to accomplish this? If this is correct it might help to have that stated in the Help System.

Thank you.

Charlie McLane

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