Long-term recharge simulation - choice of parameters

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Long-term recharge simulation - choice of parameters

Post by paulinem » Thu Oct 21, 2021 2:21 pm


I would like to use HYDRUS 1D to simulate the recharge to the aquifer in a relatively simple way.

However I currently find strange results: there are big variations of amplitude of 'htop'; and minimum values (april to october) are limited by hCritA.

My inputs:
Water flow and Root water uptake are simulated;
About 10 years duration with daily time steps;
5 (sandy) soils layers up to 500 cm-deep;
I used time-variable boundary conditions;
I chose an atmospheric BC with surface run off as upper boundary condition (with daily variations of P and PET; constant LAI of 4; constant hCritA of 316 cm);
And a constant pressure head as lower boundary condition (constant value of -237cm through the profile);
I kept the default choice of the other inputs.

I was hoping that someone would know if I made a bad choice of parameter or if the results are due to something else?

Thank you in advance for any suggestion!

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