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Post by Khatab » Wed May 05, 2021 7:52 am

Hi there,
I'm wondering if my hydrus project correct if we have a soil column is starting with applying water from the lower boundary just one time at the beginning of the experiment ( assume fully saturated, an initial condition pressure head of -10cm ).

The upper boundary is exposed to evaporation ( evaporation value is 0.1 cm/day)

The lower boundary (assumed that there is no entry of water from the bottom (at the drying stage), but the moisture can drain from the bottom (because the lower part is a piece of cloth).

Is my attached file is correct, I did my best to solve the case and the target is to see how the relationship decreasing between water content over time.

Other notes:
-Column length (30 cm)
- one soil material (silt)
-two observation points ( 8 cm , 20 cm)
-time running for experiment 46 days.
Project hydrus.rar
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