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I am trying to run HYDRUS-1D with almost 22,000 rows of P and PET data, but this means I have to manually edit the ATMOSPH.IN file. I have read the FAQ on this topic, which says I should use Notepad or similar program to edit the ATMOSPH.IN file. I fully understand that part but my original P and PET data are in MS-Excel, and when I try to copy and paste from MS-EXCEL into the ATMOSPH.IN file (which is open in Notepad), the new data does not line up with the data already in the file. I can't see how to force the data coming from Excel to match the pre-existing format text / data format in ATMOSPH.IN. Has anyone else had this problem ? Is there another text editor which might be better than Notepad ? A script on matlab or Python? So far, I have tried using Notepad and even tried to edit it in Excel, but still can't get it right.
Thank you for helping!

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Post by Jirka » Sun Apr 18, 2021 12:23 am

You can edit the file in Excel as well. You just need to save it at the end as a text file named J.

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