converging issue in inverse modeling

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converging issue in inverse modeling

Post by sukhvir30 » Thu Apr 01, 2021 2:59 pm

Hi Everyone, Can please someone reply to me, I have been stuck here since last two weeks. I am doing inverse modeling on a 150cm deep soil profile of pecan orchard for for 227 days, Materials=2 ,loamy sand, sandy clay loam. I did discretization at the top then when second layer starts. It-in =0.01, it minimm=0.0001 (i tried 1 also), i did spin up using Et,ppt,irrigation data to get initial boundary conditions (nod_inf file) for inverse modeling. For inverse data i have soil moisture data at three depths, i used that. i measured Ks values in field.
I checked soil physics book, other questions here in this forum to fix this problem. but it is showing numerical solution is not converging.
Can please someone help me what I am doing wrong. I am attaching my both files inverse and Nod_if file, please have a look whenever you get time.

I have tried to attach my files but i think i ma not allowed to that.
Please let me know what else I can try to make this work.
Thank you so much.

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