Version 3.0 of HYDRUS-1D

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Version 3.0 of HYDRUS-1D

Post by Jirka » Thu Apr 21, 2005 2:57 pm

Dear colleagues and friends,

We have released a new version of the HYDRUS-1D, version 3.0. Feel free to download this version, together with the updated manual, from our download section. This new version (3.0) has the following new features:

1) Root water uptake with compensation
2) Additional analytical models for the soil hydraulic properties suggested by Kosugi [1996] (log normal model) and Durner [1994] (dual porosity model)
3) Water flow in the dual-porosity system
4) Solute transport with attachment/detachment coefficients, permitting simulations of colloid, virus, and bacteria transport
5) Two kinetic sorption sites (one can be used for example for the air-water interface)
6) Filtration theory based evaluation of attachment coefficients
7) Carbon dioxide production and transport module
8) Geochemical carbonate chemistry module that considers transport, precipitation/dissolution, cation exchange, and complexation reactions for major ions.
9) The new model is (may be) about 3 times faster than the old model.

Please, keep up informed if you encounter any problems with this new version. Although it was extensively tested, there may obviously be some bugs that escaped our attention. Let us know about it. Let us also know what you think about these new features and what other processes you would like to see in the software package.

Also, please, help us in spreading the news about this new release.

Best regards,

Jirka, Rien, and Mirek
(HYDRUS development team)

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