Drip irrigation on sloped soil surface

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Drip irrigation on sloped soil surface

Post by Malluembre1971 » Mon Jan 21, 2019 2:31 pm

Dear Jirka

I am David Moret from Spain
I want to simulate, using HYDRUS 2D, the water infiltration and the soil surface runoff under a drip irrigation process on a sloped soil surface (see attached figure), using in the dripping point a constat water flux.

However, the simulator stops when a constant water flux is applied in the dripping point, and HYDRUS only runs when a constant h < 0 is applied in the wetting point. In this case, no water surface runoff can be simulated.

Is there any option to simulate with HYDRUS 2D a drip irrigation process with a constant water flux, and estimate the surface water runoff, when existing?


dreip irrigation.jpg
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