Final condition not Matching with Field reading

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Final condition not Matching with Field reading

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I am trying to back calculate the field saturated hydraulic conductivity from the actual field rainfall data and the field SWCC. I have also initialized the 70cm soil column based on the data obtained. However, the field data provides readings at 30 cm and 70 cm and I have assumed a linear interpolation of initial condition on the top based on the two given located readings. After the given rainfall, I have approximately matched the reading at 70 cm but I am unable to match at 30 cm depth. I have attached the JPEG image with this topic
Final condition.jpg
Final condition.jpg (48.82 KiB) Viewed 10537 times
. The red dot is where I require my reading to be at that depth. I have also given the log file for this test. The parameters that I can optimize is the residual volumetric water content and the Ks. My top condition is atmospheric B/C with runoff and bottom is free drainage. My guess is that I need to give a ponding effect on the top surface instead of runoff but I am not sure. Can you please help me out.

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