using absolute height to build up 2D hydrus profile

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using absolute height to build up 2D hydrus profile

Post by madiraneem » Fri Oct 16, 2020 12:37 pm

Hello Jirka and HYDRUS 2D Users

Iam using HYDRUS 2D to model the grounwater recharge through an mine dump under weather conditions and considering the vegetation off course
I build up the 2D Model using the absolute height of the soil surface example. 140 m not the relative height taking into consideration a reference level 126 m below

the Boundary on the reight variable PRESSURE HEAD or variable groundwater level (there is a well)
on the left constant pressure head (well near a river) i asumed that the GW level here is almost constant with time after checking its date forthe last years
upper BC atmospheric BC
lower CB no flow
the questions:
1. is it ok to build up the 2 D profile using absolute height ? should I change something according to that?
2. I put the BC on the reight side as relative change on GW level to the reference level 126 which changes by time is that right??
3. the area as i said is a mine dump and very high heterogenious and anisotropic, could you please recommend me the best modell for the soil hydraulic parameter..
4. do you have any references for similar studies for mine dumps

thank you , waiting for your contributions

Have a weekend

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Re: using absolute height to build up 2D hydrus profile

Post by Jirka » Fri Oct 16, 2020 5:24 pm

Ad 1. That should be no problem as long as the numbers are not too large, i.e., they can be handled by a single precision format (i.e., 7 valid digits).
Ad 2. Head values should be the actual value, independent of the x and z coordinates.
Ad 3. No.
Ad 4. / ... plications, ... references


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