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Post by ArnautvanLoon » Mon Jun 06, 2005 11:26 am


I try to simulate rainwater lenses floating on top of seepage, by means of a transport modelling to dinstinghuish different water types. The upper BC is atmospheric, with a precipitation of 3 mm/day, and an ET of 0 mm/day. The lower boundary condition is a constant flux of 3 mm/day.
Hydrus simulates regularly an outflux over the upper boundary when the seepage reaches the surface level, which means that the EC of the soil profile resembles the presence of seepage water. During two of these timesteps however, the EC locally increases at the surface level (see attachment), which should physically be impossible while evapotranspiration is absent.
Does this error have something to do with the ET=0, or might this be a more numerically problem?
Arnaut van Loon
PhD-student Utrecht University (The Netherlands)
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