Boundary Types

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Boundary Types

Post by sofia » Thu Nov 18, 2004 10:41 am

Dear all:
I'm simulating a 150cm landfill cover system, 10% slope. I applyed a no-flux boundary at the upstream (right-side) face and a seepage boundary at the downstream (left-side) face. The purpose of including a seepage boundary is to simulate the effect of vertical drainage pipes.
The problem is that, in real life applications, drainage pipes are (commonly) about 50 meters appart, which leads to a lower seepage flux than predicted by the 150cm long model. So I'm left with to alternatives:
1- increase the length of the modeled system to 50 meters, which may necessitate an exetremely long running time.
2- change the boundary condition, but I'm not sure which type is the closest to reality.

Any suggestions???

Sofia Ghanimeh

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